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     R.Šilinskas was born in 1970 in Panevėžys. He graduated  Panevėžys music school. While beeing a teenager he became interested in rock music and together with his fellow friends established a music group “Parkas”, which later was renamed into “Piko valanda”. Regimantas played bass guitar and sang there. The group’s activity came to an end when the memebers entered universities to study.
     In 1994, R.Šilinskas graduated from Lithuanian Music Academy Klaipėda faculty where he acquired a folk music ensemble soloist (wooden bells) qualification. While studying in Klaipėda R.Šilinskas played in a city’s song and dance ensemble “Žilvinas”, later in “Disvitis”, he also sang in several choirs of Klaipėda, played bass guitar in S.Šimkus conservatory jazz orchestra.
     In 1992, in Vilnius he won the fist place in J.Švedas junior performers’ contest. From 1994 till 1997,R.Šilinskas was a member of “Žvelsa” ensemble not only as a musician but, also as a soloist. He played not only wooden bells, but also “lumzdelis” (folk fife) and other Lithuanian folk instruments.
     From 1997 till 2000, R.Šilinskas was a musician and a soloist of folk and pop music ensemble “Vakaras”. R.Šilinskas played with various ensembles not only in Lithuanias, but abroad too. He performed with wooden bells in Germany, Poland, France, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Norway, Russia, Spain, Japan, USA, Greece, Portugal, Latvia, Ireland, and United Kingdom.
     A highly memorable experience was to take part in a brass band music festival in Bad Bramsted, Germany, in 1997.
     In 1998, R.Šilinskas took part in the 5th “ Klaipėda Jazz” festival in united “Keith Waithe Jazz Odyssey” and “Klaipėda University” student orchestra project.
     In 1999 and 2007, R.Šilinskas’s wooden bells were heard at the international Drum and Percussion instrument festival in Vilnius and Ukmergė.
     R.Šilinskas had the opportunity to play with Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra  (conductor M. Piečaitis), Junior Symphony Orchestra (conductor M. Pitrėnas), Lithuanian Radio and Television Orchestra (conductors T. Leiburas, J. Cechanovičius), Drum and Percussion Orchestra (S. Auglys), “Giunter Percussion” ensemble (P.Giunter), Jazz groups “Doudi Jazz Band”, “Green Bridge Band” and Lithuanian folk group “Vija”.
    R.Šilinskas had performed with Jazz pianist S.Šiaučiulis, also with TRIO (S.Šiaučiulis – piano, V.Tetenskas-reed, R.Šilinskas-wooden bells), “Kaunas Big Band”(R.Grabštas). He also gave numerous concerts in Lithuanian schools, music schools, community homes, ect. R.Šilinskas performed in Lithuanian Presidency House on the commemoration of The National Day. In 2004 he played in Brussels, Belgium, representing Lithuania to ES officials. In 2005, R.Šilinskas represented Lithuanian culture in ”Japan Expo 2005”. In 2006, he performed in Houston, USA, during Lithuanian NBA day. In 2007, R.Šilinskas played in San Francisco and Waschington D.C, USA, during The Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus visit to The USA. During The Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus visit to Portugal, R.Šilinskas played in Lisbon.
    He also played with Lithuanian DJs in various clubs in Klaipėda and Vilnius. R.Šilinskas plays not only Lithuanian folk music, but also pop, popular classical music, experiments in Jazz style.
     During his free time R.Šilinskas writes lyrics. R.Šilinskas is a member of Lithuanian Musician Union.